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Dark Fiber
As your enterprise network matures and requires more sophisticated, high-bandwidth optical backbone connectivity, consider Wave. Dark Fiber is individual strands of fiber dedicated to a single customer. Each unlit strand can be ...
Wave Business Product Literature
DDoS Mitigation
What if “slow internet” is something more sinister? Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) incidents occur when an attacker attempts to overload your network with traffic from multiple sources, eventually taking down your ...
Wave Business Product Literature
Dedicated Internet Access
Businesses today need internet connectivity with low latency, high reliability, and tight security to support their applications and sensitive data activity. Wave’s Dedicated Internet Access enables these mission-critical ...
Wave Business Product Literature
Ethernet Transport
Business networks today handle real-time digital data transmission between multiple locations and data centers where low latency, reliability, and security are paramount.
Wave Business Product Literature
Data Center Services: IP Transit
Wave’s IP Transit connects your business from data centers to the internet. Built for performance with the lowest latencies and shortest routes, you will experience no congestion, unfailing reliability, and stableround trip ...
Wave Business Product Literature
Virtual Cross Connect
Wave’s Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) service is a private Ethernet connection between designated data centers. Wave’s VXC is a private, transparent, and cost effective method for data center to data center connectivity.
Wave Business Product Literature